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Artist Projects

Artist Projects

We offer four residency programs: artist research residencies, visiting artist residencies, emerging artist residencies, and collaborative printmaking residencies. Visit our submissions page for more information about applying.

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Research residencies are intended for established artists who may not be familiar with printmaking, but intend to integrate print media into their existing practices. Research residents are given free access to the studio, workshops, and some materials.

Visiting residencies are intended for master printmakers from outside of Vancouver and provide a new environment and stimuli for them to expand their artistic practices. Visiting residents receive free access to the studio to complete a specific project. They are expected to informally share knowledge with other artists in our shared studio environment in any way they see fit.

Emerging artist residencies (formerly scholarship residencies) are aimed at assisting recent graduates with their transition to becoming practicing artists. Students who are finishing their graduation year or have graduated from a university program within two years of the submission deadline are eligible to apply.

We welcome proposals for collaborative printmaking residencies in which artists can hire a technician to produce prints in our studio.