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Malaspina Printmakers

1555 Duranleau Street
Vancouver, BC
Canada, V6H 3S3 Open in Googlemaps

Malaspina is a nonprofit artist-run centre that advances education, promotes excellence in the art form, and increases the public’s understanding and appreciation of contemporary art and print media.

Frequently asked questions

What is printmaking?

1.1 What is a print?

An original print is an image that has been conceived by the artist as a print and executed solely as a print, usually in a numbered edition, and signed by the artist. Each print in the edition is an original, printed from a plate, stone, screen, block or other matrix created for that purpose. A reproduction (although often called a print) has no relationship whatsoever to an original print. It is a copy of a work of art conceived by the artist in another medium (painting, watercolour, etc.). The reproduction is usually made by photo-mechanical means. Numbering and signing a reproduction does not change its essence; it is still a reproduction of a drawing, painting, watercolour etc. It is not an original print.