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Rentals & Studio Access

Rentals & Studio Access

Ready to print on your own? We have many studio rental options available for experienced printmakers. We have equipment and materials you can't find anywhere else. And it's all included in your rent.

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Printmaking requires the use of heavy and expensive equipment and a need to strictly comply with safety issues. Few artists can afford or accommodate such equipment and ventilation requirements in their homes or studios. Because of this, the communal aspect of the print studio is one that has been developed across Canada and the world.

Most renters are given 24 hour access to the studio and storage space for supplies and materials. Please note that the single and ten day passes provide access to the studio facilities during business hours only and do not include a drawer, locker, and key.

Printmakers must have sufficient technical knowledge to work safely and independently in the studio, and must complete an orientation with our technician before renting. Contact our orientations technician at [email protected]

Image: Darcy Mu