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Source: New Prints

Liz Ingram Source: New Prints

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Malaspina Printmakers is pleased to present Source: New Prints by Liz Ingram, an installation of new prints that explore our fragile connection with the source of life; water. This new body of work by Liz Ingram revolves around the “investigation of transitional states between material presence and the ‘spiritual’”.

Through her prints, Ingram explores the intimacy between the human body and nature, particularly water. She questions the digitalization and ‘screen living’ that increasingly replace real first hand experience and how this disconnects us from our natural biological rhythms and the physical world. Images of water and fragments of the human body are used in an attempt to create flickering glimpses of our own memories of our physical connections to water.

Ingram describes her work as: “an attempt to grapple with questions and feelings about the unification of our physical and spiritual natures using the body and natural elements as subjects. I think about the temporal nature of life and about the vulnerability of two essential sources for human continuity – water and intimacy”.

Liz Ingram was born in Argentina and grew up in New Delhi, Mumbai and Toronto. She is a professor in printmaking at the University of Alberta and has exhibited in over 20 solo and duo exhibitions, in over 200 group exhibitions in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East and has received awards at exhibitions in Canada, Slovenia, Korea, Brazil, Estonia, India and Finland.
In 2008 she received the University of Alberta J. Gordon Kaplan Award for Research Excellence. She has been visiting artist at many universities including the Tokyo National University, Musashino University, Tokyo, and the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, Germany.