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Jackie Lee Scholarship Residency

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Jackie Lee is a printmaker, illustrator and zine enthusiast from Toronto, Ontario. She graduated from OCAD University’s Printmaking program in 2014 specializing in lithography and book arts. She has since become an active member of Open Studio as well as a Production Assistant at Kid Icarus, a local screen printing studio in Toronto.

Her work is heavily influenced by comics, punk music, zine culture and a DIY mentality. She seeks to rejuvenate printmaking methods that most would write off as antiquated or obsolete. She often experiments with various lithographic techniques, allowing the physical qualities of the limestone to shine through in her finished prints.

Her most recent work explores the way we remember people, places, and events. Largely inspired by the layout used in comics, her lithographs depict wordless sequential narratives that pay homage to the small moments that stick in our memories. From the moment when we first gaze up at the sky as children to how we remember the way someone’s hair was tucked behind their ear when we first met them, each memory is preserved and presented with the importance that we rarely attribute to them. After all, it is these quiet moments that make up the memories that end up changing our lives.