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Scholarship Residency

Alex Cu Unjieng Scholarship Residency

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Originally from the Philippines, Alex Cu Unjieng migrated to Vancouver in 2009 to study visual arts and film at the University of British Columbia. Coming from a family of artists, she’s interested in finding new mediums to explore, and her experience at UBC led her to printmaking. Her print practice focuses mainly on screen printing, intaglio, and relief.

Much of her art stems from the negotiation of her identity as an immigrant, especially as an immigrant who does not relate fully with either Philippine nor Canadian culture, although both places have become home. Her practice focuses on feminist issues and aims to explore, question, and challenge what is and can be known, seen, and understood, as well as how this happens. Often her works are tongue­in­cheek, using puns, irony, sarcasm, and other forms of humor in various ways.

This scholarship residency continues her exploration into intaglio, relief, screen printing, printing on textiles, and using alternative inks, in order to further her practice, refine her skills, and build her portfolio.