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Project Spaces

Project Spaces

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Are you an artist looking for a space to expand your artistic practice within a flexible semipublic environment?


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The Granville Island Project Spaces provide unique opportunities that are lacking within the conventional production/presentation paradigm within the visual arts & print media. Artists are invited to book the Project Spaces at an affordable rate for a variety of purposes that may support the practice and production of their work. 
We encourage artists to book the Project Spaces to test the performance and/or marketability of their work within an experimental learning environment. Test audiences might consist of art collectors, critics, curators, dealers, colleagues, institutions, or the general public. The Project Spaces may accommodate displays, documentations, photoshoots, recordings, critiques, markets, openings, celebrations, performances, rehearsals, gatherings, and/or other small temporary events pertaining to the visual arts & print media.

Participating artists have access to a fully functioning kitchen for openings, if they choose, which includes a fridge, oven, and microwave. Omnichannel art sales opportunities, through our consignment program, may also be available as an accompanying feature for your project.

We invite all artists to participate in the Project Spaces especially artists from equity seeking or equity deserving communities, including but not limited to: applications from women, visible minorities, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, persons of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity or expression (LGBTQ2S+), and others who may contribute to the diversity of the program.


Project Space Dimensions
The Project Spaces consist of three white cubes, each measuring 8 feet x 9 feet with a 9.5 foot ceiling height. The cubes can be booked individually or together depending on the artist's project requirements. 

Book a project space here. 
The cubes can be booked by the week or by the month based on a sliding scale depending on the participating artist's financial ability. Access fees start at $130 per week or $520 per month with discounts up to 50% offered. Financial ability is determined by the participating artist at the time of booking, Malaspina relies on individuals to honestly evaluate their financial ability and select a discount that they can reasonably afford in order to ensure continued equitable access.

Participating artists are required to submit a 100 word project description at the time of booking. Projects must incorporate a printmaking element in some capacity, and must not violate Malaspina's policies, including but not limited to Malaspina's Licence Agreement and code of conduct as outlined in the Studio Policy.
Artists are required to sign Malaspina's Licence Agreement before being given a key code to access the space. 

Key code access to the project spaces
Participating artists will be given a key code to access the space. Artists are required to indicate their availability to pick up the key in the booking page. For artists who already have access, such as those who have access to the studio under Malaspina's studio access program, please select a time you intend to begin setting up the space. To change a pick up time after completing the booking email Val and [email protected]

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