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Prints By Post - A Fundraiser and Miniature Print Exchange

Prints By Post - A Fundraiser and Miniature Print Exchange

A Fundraiser and Miniature Print exchange

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Join us for our reception on July 11th from 6PM - 9PM at 1555 Duranleau Street! Meet the artists, see the prints in person, and have a drink with us. 


Collect unique artwork by purchasing a ticket for our Prints By Post fundraiser! Each ticket guarantees you a unique print, crafted by talented artists supported by our community initiatives. Your purchase directly aids in providing affordable access to rare printmaking resources for low-income artists. Collect art, make an impact - secure a print today!

Your love for art can transform lives - joining our Prints By Post Fundraiser directly supports arts and culture in Canada. This initiative is more than just a chance to expand your art collection; it’s an opportunity to play a pivotal role in sustaining the vibrant fabric of our artistic community. When you purchase a ticket, you not only get a randomly selected print from a diverse pool of talented artists but also contribute directly to the $25K in discounts we’ve provided to low-income artists this past year. This ensures they have the same opportunities to create and showcase their work, fostering a more inclusive and thriving arts scene. Each print is a gateway to a story, a vision, and a life enriched through art. Don’t miss out on this chance to own a piece of this narrative. Buy a ticket, receive a unique print, and be a cornerstone in supporting artists who need it most. Your support makes all the difference—embrace the art of giving with Prints By Post.

32 artists have created over 100 prints for Prints By Post! After purchasing a fundraiser ticket, you will receive a randomly selected print by Canada Post delivered to you by September of 2024. You will receive one print per ticket purchased. 
Each print is 5" x 7" or smaller and made using traditional and contemporary print media processes. 


Our charity is dedicated to fostering a vibrant arts community by providing affordable access to studio space, rare equipment, and specialized materials for artists. By supporting our organization, you contribute to nurturing diverse artistic talents, especially those from under-resourced backgrounds, ensuring that all artists have the opportunity to create, thrive, and enrich our cultural landscape. Your support helps us continue to offer substantial discounts and scholarships to low-income and equity-deserving artists, breaking down the barriers to artistic expression and making a tangible difference in the community.


The prints

Participating Artists
Kelly Haydon Jocelyn Barrable-Segal Amanda Wood Janice Clemens l  Sherida Charles l  Hannah Jickling Reed H. Reed l  Elvina Bao l  Patricia Gaspar l  Sarah Ellis-Clark l  Marie Price l  Ed Juan Clyde Richard Brittain Mallory Lupick l  Annika McFarlane l  Brigitte Potter-Mael l  Taaye Wong l  Maya Schueller-Elmes l  Val Loewen l  Cheryl Hamilton l  Jean Cockburn l  Eun-Jung Cho l  Nathalie Worth l  Dan Starling  l  Gerri York l  Valerie Durant l  Caitlin Wilson l  Alexis Valgardsson Yasaman Moussavi l  Pippa Lattey l  Gina Ortiz. l  Hannamari Jalovaara