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Mapping Colours


This exhibition, titled Mapping Colours, is a series of Edward Fu-Chen Juan’s recent prints depicting landscapes that reflect ink pastes made from wild endemic plants from selected regions. His two areas of study are the southern coast of British Columbia and the central highland of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Juan’s concept was cultivated from an ongoing working relationship with a Zapotecan artisan weaving community in Teotitlan del Valle. There, the Oaxaqueño weavers forage native local plants and insects to extract pigments for their dye colours. These traditional techniques motivated Edward to develop a personal art practice in print media on paper.

Over the past year, Juan has selected endemic flora of the two regions from which he extracted colour. He utilized these natural materials to create his silkscreen prints. From the print series he is demonstrating the importance of traditional craftsmanship through a contemporary art practice.

Edward Fu-Chen Juan is an emerging artist based in Vancouver. He has a bachelor of fine arts degree from California Institute of the Arts (Calarts). From 2013 to 2019 he created a paper and textile artisan business called Forest & Waves in which he collaborated with artisans around the globe. He was particularly drawn to the spirit of working with natural materials.

Follow this link to view a pdf document illustrating Juan's process.

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