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Los Angeles Plays Itself

Kate Hall Los Angeles Plays Itself

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Exhibition by Kate Hall (feat. Adee Robertson, Big Nudes, Cali Dewitt, Cindy Conrad, Chinwe Okona, Eve Fowler, Fiona Conner, Grace Rosario Perkins, Golden Spike Press, Hesse Press, Jen Shear, Jess Scott, Jezenia Romero Bunny Jr. Tapes, Kandis Williams, Laura Owens, Lauren Halsey, Machine, Math Bass, Mariah Garnet, Mario Ayala, Mary Weatherford, Misa Chhan, Nora Slade Waggy Tee, Online Ceramics, Rachelle Sawatsky, Radical Documents, Salvador Dali, Seth Bogart, Shauna Steinbach, Shevaun Wright, and Seth Bogart Wacky Wako).

Kate Hall’s exhibition (feat. 29 contemporary and historical artists who have worked in Los Angeles) is named after Thom Anderson’s 2003 film Los Angeles Plays Itself. The film is composed of shots from other films and discusses the many representations of the city of Los Angeles in film and on television. Like the film, printmaking in Los Angeles is composed of many different images. The city is a character represented in colours and pictures that are printed on many different forms, such as paper, T-shirts, records, tapes, books, and ceramic. Identity is constructed in part by the cities we live in, and prints created by artists impart a sense of place that is editioned and circulated. In this exhibition, Los Angeles is presented through glimpses of the past, the future, and the imaginary.

Kate Mosher Hall (b.1986) is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice ranges from printmaking, painting, sculpture, performance, ceramics, and drumming. Hall’s practice is concerned with language and its slippages, specifically relating to trauma and self-representation. Hall has shown work and performed in Los Angeles at MOCA Grand, the Getty Museum, Human Resources, 356 Mission, Roberts and Tilton, Arturo Bandini, and Phil Gallery. She has also participated in exhibitions at the New Museum (New York), 67 Ludlow (New York), Marfa Ballroom (Texas), and will be in an upcoming exhibition at Cirrus Gallery (Los Angeles). Hall’s first book I Did but I Don’t Anymore was released on Hesse Press in 2015.