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Patricia Gaspar Blossoms

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2023, silkscreen, VE 3 of 15, 38cm x 50cm

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Patricia Gaspar was born in Argentina, where she became an Art Teacher at the "Manuel Belgrano" School of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has been creating unique pieces of art, to bring beauty to life. She is a Canadian-Argentine artist, who lives now in British Columbia. Her artistic path began in 1984 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when she worked with Carlos Regazonni, an Argentine sculptor who in Europe was compared to Salvador Dalí. He was a great influence on her artistic career. -2000  "Special Mention" Women's Salon in Buenos Aires, Argentina.-2001 invited by the "Argentine Presidency of the Nation" and "Friends of Engraving of Argentina" to participate in "Ex Libris" at the National Book Fair in Buenos Aires, Argentina.-2002 She obtained her Journalist degree at the "Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora", Buenos Aires, Argentina.-2005 As soon as she set foot on Canadian soil, she became a member of Martha Studio Printmakers in Winnipeg, Manitoba from 2006 to 2007       -2008, As a member of Art Point Gallery, Calgary, she was invited to exhibit her art in Alberta, and Toronto.                                 -2011 in British Columbia, she completed a Printmaker Course at Emily Carr University, and became a member of Malaspina Printmakers Studio.-2012 She created public art in the middle of the forest, consisting of one mural, and three large sculptures; two made of metal, and one made of recycled materials, for the Hoy Creek Society, in Coquitlam. In addition, in this city she was selected among the seven representative artists when the new Coquitlam Public Library was inaugurated. -2018 / 2019, Invitation from Kurt Ries, and Gabriele Walter to “*5th International Installation ``Enter into Art'',  International Installations and Contest + Traveling the World through Art. Including four exhibitions on the three rivers the Rhine, Lahn and Moselle, Germany. -2019 Honorable Mention "The 7th NBC MESHTECH Tokyo International Screen Printing Biennale", at The Yurakucho Asahi Gallery Japan.-2021 Certificate of Honor for being selected in the top 100 artists among more than 2,000 international artists, organized by Bindaas Artist Group for women artists only , at CHITRANKAN 3*. India.-2022, HONORABLE MENTION, at the 8th NBC MESHTECH International Screen Printing Biennale, Tokyo, Japan. -2022/2023 the engravings of her that were exhibited in the Petrus Kirche Church, Berlin, Germany, were selected to be part of two books. One book - "Olesya & Friends", the second book - "Gudrun Daum and Hendrik Liersch". -2023 she was invited to participate with her prints in "Body & Soul, issue 40 of the Berlin artist magazine" , with the topic: "Get Up & Stand Up",  at Berlin, Germany. Her art has been exhibited in Canada in Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, British Columbia, as well as in Argentina, China, Japan, the Netherlands, Albania, Mexico, Colombia, Switzerland, Romania, Macedonia, Italy, India, and Berlin, Germany the place that has become the site of her greatest activity in recent years for her work in art exhibitions, books, magazines. Currently, she is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.Living in BC, she creates her own designs inspired by the beauty of the forests, the sea and the mountains. She feels that the trees have a soul and that when the sun hits their trunks and branches, they transform into delicate women who dance happily in the middle of the forest mist.As a sign of her respect for the planet, she uses high-end, eco-friendly art supplies designed to protect the environment, including a wide variety of papers and inks from Japan, Europe, and Africa. and India. To shape each of her prints, she spends many hours of patient research on engraving techniques carried out in the studio, focusing on the combination of colors, shapes and textures.

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