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Krystle Coughlin Scholarship Residency

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Krystle Couglin explores digital collage in her artistic practice that focuses on her identity as an Indigenous woman living and working on the unceded Coast Salish territories called Vancouver. Using Northwest First Nations ‘formline’ design elements, she acknowledges the long history and art of her nation in combination with contemporary methods of image making: digital photography.

Beadscapes are digital collages, combining scanned images and landscape photography.  The landscape is blurry, inaccessible, and unidentifiable – it is a site of imagination, opportunity and refusal.  Scanned images of beads are overlaid, providing clarity and abstraction – beads become the vehicle of interpretation of the land. Beading has been an important part of Coughlin’s culture, and the cultures of many Indigenous peoples; beading has been used to interpret the beauty of nature and landscapes onto clothing.  Beadscapes is a deconstruction and extension of traditions – utilizing beads and landscape in new forms.