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Danielle Bobier Scholarship Residency

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Danielle Bobier is an interdisciplinary artist of Coast Salish ancestry who works primarily in the fields of print media and painting. With a deep interest in Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, she is attracted to scientific maps and satellite images as a means of observation and exploration. Through the lens of the Anthropocene (the critical geologic epoch in which human action has resulted in significant alterations of the planet), she seeks to understand the bigger picture through a place’s topography and how it intersects with the built environment.

During her residency at Malaspina, she will use the studio space to continue her experimental print practice. The residency will tie into a larger project that includes research and writing supported by the BC Arts Council Early Career Development grant.

As a non-status individual of first nations heritage, she plants to examine the history of Coast Salish and (transplanted) Hawai’ian ancestors in the context of pre- and post-colonial contacts and reflect on their relationship to the Fraser River as a resource for diplomacy, development and labour.

This research will extend itself into the geologic history of British Columbia, from its mountain ranges and the Fraser Valley and Canyon, to its ever-threatening fault lines and the Salish Sea. Resource extraction that has shaped the landscape and geographic makeup of the province will become a point of critique. Bobier will engage with issues as well as speculation around the colonizing of extra terrestrial resource extraction such as Mars and other celestial bodies. Furthermore, it will consider how the elements and methods of “discovery” and “prospecting” have changed in light of developing technologies.

Experimental monotype printmaking alongside this research intends to create textural, topical and topographic impressions of her findings. A map-like bricolage of work, an accompanying book and a public talk or demo are planned as part of the finale of her residency period at Malaspina.