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Untitled (Monotype #1)


Maya Gulin graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2014, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Film, Video, and Integrated Media program. Exhibitions include Franc Gallery (Vancouver), five AM (Calgary), Avenue (Vancouver), Astro-turf Gallery (Vancouver), and UMPRUM (Prague). Gulin explores the immediacy of decision making within the parameters of time and material. Her film and video work is influenced by montage and the underlying psychological choices that create expression through editing. Painting and printmaking utilizes the same manipulation of editing physical mark making through a sequence that invents a picture. Driven by personal impulses that are learned by preferencing decisions over time, the work becomes a visual conclusion by this process of intuition, and investigates how experimentation and repetition conceive habits that ask the work to make sense of itself in context of the artist.