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Hei Lam Ng Umbrella

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2015, book-photopolymer-letterpress, 1b/50, 11.5x15cm

  • File number: NGHL002


Originally from Hong Kong, Hei Lam Ng's work reflects the frustrations of identity through a skillful combination of modern photography and traditional printmaking. Ng's work playfully addresses the loss and acquisition of identity in situations of displacement. This edition of artists' books was created in memory of the 2014 Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. The full edition consists of 50 books in a split edition indicated as [a] and [b] versions. These versions consist of randomized and complementary sets of 20 images, making each unique. When both versions with the same edition number are together, the full collection of images will be revealed. A cast plastic object, with the image of an umbrella, complements each copy of the book, as a symbol of the movement; this object is printable on letterpress.


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