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The Mountain of Madness

Fei Gao The Mountain of Madness

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2017, lithograph, relief, woodcut, 2/9, 23cm x 28cm

  • File number: GAOF004


Fei Gao was born in Beijing, China, and has lived in Canada for over ten years. She received a bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of Alberta (Edmonton) in 2012. Her studies included the mediums of painting, printmaking, sculpture, and illustration. Working primarily in stone lithography, Gao joined the international emerging artists exchange project with the China Academy of Art's printmaking department in 2017. The root of her work lies within observation and personal feelings. Using stone lithography, Gao is able to reproduce the finest marks from her original drawings. In her most recent work, she creates lithographic drawings of strings as a metaphor for interpersonal relationships.