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Short Story II

Anais Gerber Short Story II

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2016, lithograph, paper: rives-bfk, 2/45, 18x15cm

  • File number: GERA010


Anais Gerber is a visual artist born in Paris, France, in 1983. She studied art in the UK, first at Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication (Foundation course in art & design, 2002), then at Camberwell College of Arts (BA, 2005), and finally at the Royal College of Art (MA, 2007). After taking a break from art for a few years, she went back to drawing in 2011 and took up stone lithography at Malaspina Printmakers in 2014. She has been focusing on this medium since then. She is primarily concerned with the experience and expression of the sublime. That feeling of awe before all manifestations of nature, and the perception of one's insignificance in the cosmos, is what she seeks. She believes that poetry and humour are good consolations to the absurdity of life, and she is currently living on a small island off of the coast of Vancouver, Canada, where she gets plenty of time to stare at the clouds and listen to the frogs.


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