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Scenery Through the Window #9

Taiga Chiba Scenery Through the Window #9

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2013, monotype, paper: hahnemuhle-copperplate, 1/1, 57x78cm

  • File number: CHIT051


Taiga Chiba is a Vancouver based artist who is best known as a printmaker, draftsman and mixed-media artist. Chiba was born in 1950 in Shizuoka, Japan and moved to Canada in 1981 to obtain his MFA from Concordia University. In 2002 he moved to Vancouver, which is where he currently lives and works. The cultural influence of living in both the east and west is present in Chiba's work, creating a bridge between his uses of traditional Japanese techniques with an aesthetic style informed by North American sensibilities. The basis of Chiba's imagery takes route in benign everyday observations of life, which he then compresses, and rearranges in such a way that they become completely surreal. Adding to this surreal imagery is an often soft and muted colour pallet resulting in compositions that emanate a whimsical, modest, and intimate feeling. Since 1997 Chiba's work has been exhibited frequently in both Canada and internationally.