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Donato Mancini Resources (Refractory)

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2012, silkscreen, paper: bfk-rives, 5/45, 76x56cm

  • File number: MAND010


The interdisciplinary practice of Donato Mancini focuses mainly on poetry, bookworks, text-based visual art and linguistically oriented cultural criticism. He has published numerous books of visual and procedural poetry, including: Buffet World (2011) Fact 'N' Value (2011), Ethel (2007) and Ligatures (2005). A book Mancini's critical writing, You Must Work Harder to Write Poetry of Excellence, was published in 2012 to wide, controversial reception. Notable exhibitions of Mancini's visual artworks include shows at Artspeak, the Western Front, Gallery Atsui, and CSA. He has also been a curator-in-residence at VIVO Media Arts, and performed in the 2013 LIVE! Biennale of performance art. A new book of poetry and poetics, Loitersack, is forthcoming in October 2014. He is currently a PhD candidate in English at the University of British Columbia, under Janet Giltrow.