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Original fine art prints
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Original Fine Art Prints & Publications

Original Fine Art Prints & Publications

We house over 4000 prints that cover virtually every type of printmaking technique. Some of these prints are part of our permanent archive and others are available for sale online and in our gallery.

  • Editions for Sale

    Editions for Sale

    We have an inventory of over 800 original fine art prints by artists from all over the world.

  • Archived Editions

    Archived Editions

    One of the most significant endeavors undertaken by Malaspina is its archives. From its earliest days, artists renting studio space have been contributing one print from every edition to the archives.

  • Books for Sale

    Books for Sale

    For special projects, we produce exhibition catalogues and artist books.


Our prints have been made using contemporary technology along with historical methods, such as planographic, intaglio, serigraphy, and relief processes. We also produce special publications and books.

Image: Elisabeth Sommerville, Little Saw-whet, 2011, colour stone lithograph