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Richard Tetrault Poem

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2013, woodcut, paper: stonehenge, 1/3, 64x97cm

  • File number: TETR035


Richard Tetrault is Vancouver-based painter, printmaking, and muralist who lives and works in the Downtown Eastside. Recent international projects include collaborations with Vancouver artists (York Mural, 'Atira's Gift' , Radius, River of Crows, Urban Weave #1 and #2, and Through the Eye of the Raven) as well as numerous projects with artists from Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, and other parts of Canada. He is a member of the Canada-based organization La Raza Artists. Along with his partner Esther Rausenberg, he is a founding member of the Vancouver-based Creative Cultural Collaborations Society, an organization dedicated to creative projects in a range of media. C3 projects include Big Print 2016 and 2014, SPOTA mosaic, Vancouver Murals website, Eastside Mural Projects, and Black Strathcona. Tetrault creates visual narratives within the immediate urban environment. The landscape's shifting terrain and creativity forms a collage of images and encounters that are edgy and full of a primal vitality, exposing the layers that are contained within the seemingly commonplace.


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