one week studio rental


Printmakers must have sufficient technical knowledge to work safely and independently in the studio, and must complete an orientation with our technician before renting. Contact our orientations technician at orientations(at)

Renters have access to the following equipment:

Glen Alps press for etching, monotype, and relief (86x168cm bed)
Hunter Penrose etching press (71x122cm bed)
Hunter Penrose etching press (53x86cm bed)
Takach etching press (107x213cm bed)
Griffin hand litho press (81x142cm bed)
Griffin motorized litho press (80x144cm bed)
Platen letterpress (28x43cm bed)
horizontal acid baths with nitric and ferric acids
sixty marble and limestones in a rage of sizes (up to 81x117cm)
leather and rubber litho rollers
Beseler MX enlarger with colour head
NuArc Flip Top Instant-Start Platemaker (up to 84x106cm)
Epson 9890 archival digital inkjet printer (up to 113cm wide)
light table for screen exposure
wash out room with pressure washer
six vacuum tables (up to 60x90cm)
rosin aquatint box
airbrush compressor
hot plate