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My Great

Justin Camilli My Great

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2011, lithograph, paper: rives-heavyweight, 4/4, 50x33cm

  • File number: CAMJ009


Justin Camilli is a printmaker turned painter based out of Denver, Colorado, who is currently creating work that reflects his upbringing in the desert habitat of New Mexico. After graduating with a BFA from Colorado State University in 2012, he received a scholarship residency from Malaspina Printmakers Society in Vancouver. During his stay at Malaspina he created a group of prints that involved etching with chine-colle and woodcut collage. After living in Lawrence, Kansas for a brief period of time he received a painting/printmaking internship at Anderson Ranch Art Center in Snowmass, Colorado for the summer of 2014. The internship involved creating limited print editions with visiting artists such as Lauren Clay and Sarah Cain while also helping artists teach painting, drawing and printmaking classes. Since moving back to Colorado, Justin has focused on painting rather than printmaking. The subject matter is still mainly surreal but the pieces tend to reference the originality of nature rather than creations of the mind. While continuing to create art, he also helps contribute to a music collective in Denver called Grouphug by designing most of the album covers and playing in a few of the bands.


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