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Looking Away

Gary Sim Looking Away

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2005, relief, 11/50, 26cm x 31cm

  • File number: SIMG032


Gary Sim was born in Vancouver in 1951. After high school graduation in 1969 he briefly attended SFU and the Vancouver School of Art. In traditional B.C. fashion he has worked at various jobs including welfare hostel cook, factory and sawmill worker, central office telephone equipment installer, fruit picker, log cabin builder, forest fire fighter, book store clerk, tree planter, foundry worker, and auction assistant. Mountaineering courses at Capilano College culminated in a successful climb of Mt. Waddington. A chance conversation led to eight years of employment on the B.C. Rail Rock Gangs, where he qualified as a driller-scaler, blaster, and then Foreman of High Scaling Gang 152. Refer also to Patrolling the Budd and Railway Rock Gang. Drafting courses at V.V.I. in 1988 led to helping design and build a no-till seed drill for an engineering firm. He started full-time employment in architecture in 1989. He was registered with the AIBC as an Associate for 15 years, from 2001 to 2016. His spare time activities include drawing and print making, photography, Vancouver art history, research and writing, and volunteer work. In the past ten years he has created hundreds of original artworks and shown them in more than 40 exhibitions. With his imprint Sim Publishing he produces illustrated monographs and catalogues, greeting cards, artist stamps, and the extensive historical digital research project BRITISH COLUMBIA ARTISTS.



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