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Kimono 11

Jocelyn Barrable Segal Kimono 11

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2015, lithograph, 1/4, 76x56cm

  • File number: BARJ055


Originally from Montreal, Jocelyn Barrable Segal now lives and works in Vancouver. In 1983 she received a bachelor's degree in interior design and fine art from the University of Manitoba, and she graduated with a MFA in printmaking from Louisiana State University in 1986. The concept of movement influences her images and is now most visible in her floral arrangements, which show her genuine love for carefully drawn images on stone, her ability to focus on details, and her courage to let the brush wander in its own authentic language. Of these works, Barrable Segal says, The subject of my work often references the diverse morphology one can find in the world of botany. I am particularly interested in the universal language of flowers and portray them as icons and metaphors to express emotional states. She has exhibited in Vancouver, Burnaby, Montreal, and Japan, and her work can be found in private and public collections in North America, Europe, and Asia.