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Full Moon No. 1

Andreea Mateescu Full Moon No. 1

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2017, lithograph, 1/10, 54x46cm

  • File number: MATA001


Andreea Mateescu was born in Bucharest and is currently based in Vancouver. She recently graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design with a concentration in printmaking. Before this, she received a fine arts diploma from Capilano University. In the past, a recurring theme in her prints was to show the beauty of nature unaltered by human intervention and explore how colors can affect the mood of a landscape. However, within the last year her focus has shifted in terms of subject matter and approach. She has moved away from representation and toward abstraction, while working more freely in a loose and intuitive manner. Allowing the process and materials to play a role in the creation of an image has become an important aspect in her practice.