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Puretch Film per running inch

Puretch Film per running inch

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Photo-etching is a time tested technique, and the good thing is now it can be virtually non-toxic without compromising resolution, plate durability and traditional plate manipulation.

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Puretch is a dry film photoresist for etching copper and other metals. It was designed for the highest resolution etching possible with a dry film; the thinner the film the higher the resolution. It is ideal for high resolution halftone positives and fine line etch applications. Puretch is for the intaglio printmaking purist that wants to traditionally etch the image and have complete control over the plate surface and edition.

Puretch is THE thinnest photopolymer film on market!
exposes with a positive, (negative working)
thinnest film yields highest resolution etch capability
1/1200 inch lines and spaces
yields consistent and predictable results
easy to apply and etch
use on any metal with most any etchant
non-toxic and safe when used properly
water based processing
durable enough for deep etch with ferric chloride
wide exposure latitude