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Oscar Valero Saez Composition Map

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2012, lithograph, paper: bfk-rives, 2/2, 77x55cm

  • File number: VALO042


Oscar Valero Saez makes lithographs, etchings, relief prints, drawings and paintings. His art explores the structure of language and music, translating complex systems and structures into beautiful graphic forms. Many elements dance across the surface to create thoughtful abstract compositions. Saez completed his Masters of Architecture from ETSAM (Madrid, Spain) in 2005, and his Masters degree in Graphic Art at CIEC Foundation (A Coruna, Spain) in 2009. He has exhibited extensively in Spain, Germany, Cuba, and Canada, and won numerous awards. In 2012-2013 he visited Vancouver where he completed a residency and presented a solo exhibition at Malaspina Printmakers.