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Boat Race

Matthew Van Asselt Boat Race

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2012, silkscreen, paper: bfk-rives, /9, 76x56cm

  • File number: VANM005


Matthew Van Asselt is an artist mostly based out of Brooklyn, NY, when not seen on the road due to his similarly creative musical interests. After finishing his BFA in Printmaking at Purchase College, State University of New York, in 2013, he received a scholarship residency with the Malaspina Printmakers Society of Vancouver. This led to a two-person exhibit entitled Please Leave Nothing, presented with artist Cara Seccafien, in June of 2014. Upon returning to New York, Van Asselt has since begun both a recording project called 'Real Life Buildings' and a publishing enterprise titled 'Mt. Home Arts'. The first of these endeavors brings the artist to the stage as a musical performer, and the second is an outlet for creating low-run artist books, fine-art prints, custom-packaged audio tapes and other interesting paper-based ephemerae, in collaboration with other artists.


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