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Billet-doux #1

Gillian Armitage Billet-doux #1

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2014, intaglio-chinecolle, paper: revere-japanese-gampi, 5/10varied, 41x20cm

  • File number: ARMG036


Gillian Armitage is an artist and educator. She studied fine art at Western Washington University, USA and Kingston-upon-Hull College of Art, England. Her artistic practice comprises painting, drawing, printmaking, installation and sculpture. She has instructed at Emily Carr University, Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Malaspina Printmakers in BC, Canada, and Scarborough College of Art in the UK. Much of her work is autobiographical and is motivated by by significant events in her life.

Gillian has served as President of Malaspina Printmakers and was a founding member and Director of Print Artists Northwest in Portland, Oregon. She has been awarded three Canada Council grants and has been an invited speaker at the Portland Art Museum, USA and the Nagasaki Peace Museum and Inocho Paper Museum in Japan. Her work can be found in major collections in Canada and the United States and has featured in many exhibitions all over the world including the Burnaby Art Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana, the Central Fine Arts Institute, Beijing and the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco.