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Board & Staff

Board & Staff

We are governed by a dedicated group of volunteers and are operated by a select team of staff. If you have any inquiries or concerns, we are here for you. Visit our contact page to get in touch.


Officers (Volunteers) 

Sterling Nelson, President  |  Pippa Lattey, Vice President  |  Erin Marranca, Secretary  |  Ruth Major, Treasurer


Directors (Volunteers) 

Theo Lloyd-Kohls  |  Robert Mearns  |  Aileen Yadokoro  |  Nick Black  |  Paul Gill  |  Heather Stack


Executive Director (Permanent Full Time Employee)

Justin Muir


Enhanced Studio Capacity Specialist (Temporary Full Time Employee)

Val Loewen


Attendants (Permanent Part Time Contract Staff)

Jocelyn Barrable Segal  |  Stephane Bernard  |  Ebony Jansen  |  Woojae Kim  |  Jack Lloyd  |  Tylor Macmillan  |  Ruth Major  |  Felipe Morelli  |  Ann Richards  |  Kristen Roos  |  Maya Schueller Elmes  |  Blake Wallace


Instructors (Permanent Part Time Contract Staff)

Heather Aston  |  Stephane Bernard  |  Carli Boisjolie  |  Anna Maria Di Spirito  |  Ben Duncan  |  Fei Gao  |  Saskia Jetten  |  Val Loewen  |  Andreea Mateescu  |  Lee McKay  |  Maya Schueller Elmes  |  Richard Tetrault


Technicians (Permanent Part Time Contract Staff)

Nigel Cornwall  |  Ben Duncan  |  Sarah Ellis Clark  |  Dan Starling