Wednesdays in February

jigsaw woodblock


Wednesdays from February 7 to 28, 2018, from 6pm to 9pm
Instructor: Richard Tetrault
Level: Intermediate to advanced
Most materials are provided

Jigsaw printing allows for variations that are not possible through other color printing approaches. With this method, the key block is cut first. A test print in black and white delineates the color areas that will lie underneath this block. The image is then transferred to a second block, and the color areas are cut out with a jigsaw, leaving a puzzle-like block. The color sections are inked separately, and reassembled on the press for printing. The key, dark block is then inked and registered over the color ground, completing the image. Most tools, papers and inks supplied. Suitable for intermediate to experienced artists.

Vancouver-based painter, printmaker, and muralist Richard Tetrault has exhibited for four decades in local and international exhibitions, and he is represented in private and public collections worldwide. Focusing on relief prints in wood and linoleum, his work explores the dynamics of the contemporary urban environment. It has been featured in published books, poetry collections, graphics, posters, and theatre sets. Tetrault is a long-standing member and instructor at Malaspina Printmakers.

Image detail: Richard Tetrault, Bridge Piece #1, 2017, woodcut

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